New release adds batch (Entity Group Transactions)

Feb 12, 2010 at 4:49 AM

I have added optimizations for Azure Tables and ADO.NET.  There are a number of references in the code to the sources that you should consult.  In particular notice the System.Net section of the web.config file.

Also there are now batch operations in the component.  Called Entity Group Transactions, you can bundle up to 100 entities in a single call to Azure.  The saves a significant amount of overhead (=<$) and also save considerable time.

The demonstration project has an insert batch operation.  You can have different types of operations in a single batch (insert, update, and delete) all in the same batch.  However you cannot act on the same entity more than once in a single batch.

I did not include a way to delete an item from a batch once it has been added to the batch.  I simply abandon the batch and rebuild it since it is all local anyway.